Wooden Barstools: How to Choose and What to Know

Some years ago a big amount of alcohol was the especial privilege of bars. Nowadays people are tired of hard work, and they prefer to have bars in their homes in order to invite guests any time. That’s why home bar is not limited by a small locker; in some homes there is even a big bar table. And another important element of any bar is a barstool, because the comfort depends on its coziness. More often it is made of wood, and in this article we would like to acquaint you with the main types of them and criterions of choice.

Chairs for bar differ from each other but they still have several common features. They are high because such furniture is made for high bar tables. They have small seats as they are designed not for long gatherings with friends. Besides, they are equipped with special footboards in order to set feet on them.

What you should pay attention to when you are choosing wooden barstools? Firstly, footboards must be covered by tires or metal – it will make them more hardwearing. A сhair must be steady: if it is reeling, the probability of falling down is rather high. Only hardwood is used for manufacturing such stools, for example, birch, oak, pine, beech. A seat and a folding must match body contours. Besides, you should focus on the weight of barstool – if it is heavy, it is not convenient to move.
According to features of construction and design, several types of barstools can be presented.

  • Classical chairs. These are cumbersome chairs with square seats and small foldings, they often have dark colors. You can meet such barstools in British pubs, and they are ideal for creating country style.
  • Backless chairs. Their design is very simple and not complicated, they would be ideal for bar in loft or minimalism style. Because of the absence of reliance they are not for a long-time sitting.
  • Irish barstools. The main distinctive feature of this type is armrests. They make barstools comfortable and able to substitute a chair. Generally Irish barstools are made of hornbeam, ash-tree or walnut.
  • Futuristic models. If you want to have barstools which will grab attentions of your visitors, focus on this type. They differ from others by intricate carving, smooth form or unusual chair legs. Besides, for the production of them metal, wicker rattan and even plastic can be used.
  • Folding chair. We should mention this kind particularly. Barstools of this type don’t differ by any untrusting details, but they have very important advantage – they can transform into small strap. It lets you hide cumbersome element up to a visit of guests.

Gallery of Wooden Barstools: How to Choose and What to Know

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