What Is Rubberwood? Choosing the Best Material for Making Furniture

What Is Rubberwood Furniture

You might be one of many people outside there who still wonder what is rubberwood. Rubberwood is also called the rubber tree which is cultivated for their natural latex sap. It also yields a good quality of wood with a tight grain that can be used in a variety of applications. So, this kind of wood provides many advantages to the users.

The most interesting about is that it doesn’t bounce or stretch. Also, this is not only beautiful, but also an ecological sustainable timber and this is why it is popular among people who are concerned about the health of the worlds’ forests. So, there are some answers about what is rubberwood. Rubber trees always produce a commercially valuable sap and they have been used for latex for centuries although synthetic has been developed. However, today rubber trees produce less latex and it makes it no longer commercially sustainable. So, these older trees are cut down to plant new ones. The wood from felled rubber trees has been used for fuel and furniture in the regions where the trees are cultivated. This wood can be a great building material since it is durable and strong and it allows for a wide range of finishes.

Rubberwood is used by many companies that focus on high quality and unusual furniture. To disassociate it from images of rubber, it is also labeled as par wood. It can be recognized by its density and tight grain. So, usually furniture which is made of rubberwood is very solid with a smooth and even look. Sometimes, it is compared with teak as another close grained tropical wood, but some people prefer rubber wood to teak since teak is not always sustainable. So, this is the answer of what is rubberwood. Since you now know about it, you can consider using it.


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