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Talking about technology and home is never ending, just like this home virtual designer, have you ever heard it before, well, this is one of the other home development program that provided from the computer program corporation, as you see there are so many people already have their own home with their own design, and how they do that? Well it possible that people is virtually design their house before they make the real one, yes virtual home designer program allow you to make your own virtual home project, it sounds really smart is not it?

Well guy’s have you learn something about computer program before, how to install it on your computer and operate it? If you don’t here I have some short tutorial about starting the new project on the virtual home designer, ok, first you need to open the program, as you see the form, you need to create a new project click on the new project, once you click it, the blank project form will appear, you can follow the instruction on the tour guide introduction features, if you that is not enough you may used the preset and default project to view the default project.

Once the default project is appear, you will see a home is already created, you can simply modify and change the design by customize and adding new elements, the preset option will show the parts of the home, front door, garage flooring and the other, virtual home designer allow you to change and modify the exterior color of your house, just simply click the color picker tools and applied in the default project, you can see the color is changed, it really a smart inventions is not it? By virtually design the home, you can predict the result of your real home designing project.

Gallery of Virtual Home Designer Color Picking Tools

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