Vintage Interior Design

The meaning of the word “vintage” still remains unclear despite its popularity. We will try to clarify this term though it may be not so easy to do at once.

On the one hand, this word implies something “mature”, with a big amount of old but still not old-fashioned things – pieces of furniture and decorations. It has some features of Country and Antique styles. In this case your apartment may look a bit overloaded with decorations and elements that are typical for these styles.

At the same time modern elements combine with vintage interior as well. It does not necessarily mean loads of different items – vintage interiors can look rather moderate and simple, not minimalistic though.

One of the most essential aspects is the color that you use as a basic one: in most cases the colors and the shades are pastel; it should look smooth with any furniture and other items. White is also very popular among the vintage lovers: it makes any room look larger and lighter. Strict straight lines are also typical for this style.

Despite the common preferences, it will work best if you decide to choose neutral and dark colors: your rooms will be more cozy and pleasant to live in. Moreover, bright vintage elements will contrast and combine in a nice way when the walls, the floor and the ceiling have not just white or pastel colors: you can add some décor that will complete the idea of vintage house.

Whatever you prefer, organizing an old and stylish interior can be an exciting activity. The main thing that everyone should keep in mind is that all the parts of the interior should go together in a proper way. Otherwise it will be just a number of old items put together.

Here are some examples of vintage rooms – we recommend you to pay attention to the combination of styles, colors and space organization.

Gallery of Vintage Interior Design


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