Unique and Modern Pachamama Rugs

Modern Pachamama Rugs

Decorating home, especially for living room, family room, or bedroom, sometimes is not complete without carpet or rugs. Carpet or rugs usually used as accessories only, a place to keep up our barefoot from the floor, or become a place to stay together if there is no chair around us. Most of us like to sit on the floor together, to eat, or just take a rest for reading awhile. In east culture, sitting on the floor is being a habit. Therefore, mostly east people used carpet or rugs in their home. Same too with west people, they used it too but in more different function, as accessories that make your home look warm. Really, carpet or rugs rarely give impression whoever comes to your home. It also has influences if put in the office, the same effect, make impression.

Whatever materials used to make carpet or rugs, it depends on the design to make your home look more beautiful. Why not try to use pachamama rugs? It is one of carpet or rugs mode that come from Italy. Pachamama rugs are modern rugs. It is nice, gorgeous, and unique design because it was handmade. It design is different with usual carpet. Circle, eclipse, rectangular, moreover 3D with various sizes and pattern decorated with multiple color combination. Some pachamama rugs patterns look like an eclipse or circular sunrise, although like that, they still use traditional design, simple but elegant rectangular shape instead of round.

I think is not bad combine pachamama rugs with modern or traditional furniture like sofa, armchair, etc. Depend on the taste of the home owner, absolutely. It will match becoming eye-catching and the point on the floor because of the sophisticated and bold color. Just decorate as like you’re a good interior design, then you’ll find out that your own decoration is not inferior to professional.

Gallery of Unique and Modern Pachamama Rugs

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