TV Room Decorating Ideas

Modern TV Room Decorating Ideas

TV room is one of the house parts which have function as a place you can gather with your family members. Actually, this is the place where you can spend your family time. But what happens these days is TV room is just a place to watch TV, no any other activities we can do in the TV room. This situation probably happens in all common family. There might be some factors that make you feel this way.  The major factors, is the low level of coziness that you bring in your TV room. I believe that your family members prefer to spend their time in their bedroom, because their bedroom gives them enough coziness to be around.

The boring design, is also might be the major problem. Therefore, make your family stay longer by bringing the bedroom’s coziness and not boring design to your TV room. Some TV room decorating ideas can give you some inspiration what design to choose to be applied in your TV room. Small TV room space should not stop you to create a homey TV room. What should be the consideration is the size of the furniture you use. If you have a big space of TV room, putting a big sofa will not be a great problem. You can also put a big TV size. But, if you only have small space TV room, fine size of sofa is enough to bring the coziness on your TV room.

In small space TV room, you have to consider the distance between your TV and where you sit. Big TV size will make your distance closer to the TV, this will make your eyes hurt easily. Small size Hang TV is good choice for this situation. If you want to make the TV shelves on your own, please make create some space between your TV and your TV shelves, just in case for the future plan if you want to change your TV size. So, well-designed TV room will attract your family members to stay longer.

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