Things You should know about Formaldehyde Furniture

Formaldehyde Furniture

Not many people know about the effects of home furnishings that they have? Maybe they know only an attractive design, beautiful color, nice new models, low price and suitable to be placed definitely room you . All the beauty that is in your home or office furniture definitely has a negative value. Perhaps, we have heard of “formaldehyde furniture”, but we never knew what it was formaldehyde furniture? Here there will be little explanation of Formaldehyde furniture…

Formaldehyde is a chemical compound that smells. People are more familiar with the term formalin .Yes, formaldehyde is commonly used to mix food or preservatives. Usefulness of these compounds is similar to formalin, used in thousands of products as adhesives, preservatives and even solvents. However, this one is Formaldehyde used existing furnishings that you have, such as carpeting or a table and chairs are made of wood. This compound is also found in many items we use every day (shampoo, cosmetics, deodorants, etc.). Formaldehyde cause negative effects to our health, such as difficulty breathing, nausea, stone – cough, watery eyes / spicy . Even for people with asthma is very dangerous, the most dangerous effects of this compound is that it can cause cancer.

Then how solutions to overcome them? If your furniture is made of many fabrics or wood should frequently open the window for fresh air exchange, this can reduce the contamination of Formaldehyde. You can also cover it with a special sealer if your furniture is made of plywood .Now, you already know a little about Formaldehyde furniture. Be careful in choosing the furniture, or items that you want. Always look at the label if there Formaldehyde formulations such as formalin, methanal, methyl aldehyde, etc. Not only the sheer beauty but still you think your health is most important.

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