The Closet Sliding Door Hardware

Colorful Closet Sliding Door Hardware


In the previous discussion about closet sliding door, we already talked about features that you can adjust with your taste and budget you have. Now we will try to learn more about the sliding closet door hardware. This will be useful when you want to make a kind of closet sliding door like what you want.

Firstly, Tilt in OR Top Latch which is referred to how the doors get installed on to the track. Lighter weight sliding door hardware is made, consequently, you can just tilt the door at an angle and have the rollers catch on to the track. The rollers have a post hanging straight down that slips in to a bracket on the top corner of the door. The bracket has a white latch that closes and secures the door to the wheels.  This not only makes for a safer design but it also makes it easy to remove the doors if you should ever need to pull something very large out from behind the doors.

Second thing is Bottom Guide Track. This most high end sliding track hardware is made so that the full weight of the door is supported by the top track and hangers.  It will make easier for the doors to slide back and forth and reduces the preassure on the door. Because of this some sliding door hardware will only need the simple door guide shown to the right.  These are few ” U ” channels which mount onto or into your floor.  For sliding door hardware with more than 2 tracks and for very heavy doors the bottom guide track is a standard to remove the chance of doors swaying front to back.

Finally, when purchasing the hardware, this is some that you need to consider. For door accessories like locks, top guides and tracks, you can try to check out first the store from which you originally purchased the whole closet door assembly. Making sure that the replacement hardware fits the original frames.

Gallery of The Closet Sliding Door Hardware

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