Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco style is characterized by luxury and sophisticated decorations. As for interior design, it is a rather complicated style as you should be very careful with combining different pieces of interior. Art Deco interior design implies a number of distinctive traits. Geometry is one of the main principles of this style. Straight and sharp […]

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Laundry Room Cabinets

I think cabinets this is the most important part in your laundry room. It helps you to keep your washing tools, like hanger, clothes pin, basket, etc. Just imagine your laundry room without cabinets. It’s disaster. I mean it. Your laundry room will be messy and –oh my- everything’s here and there. So let’s thank […]

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Acrylic Side Table

Acrylic furniture is now mainly used to put in your house design. Some acrylic furniture design has been made to fulfill the needs of the homeowners to choose the perfect match acrylic furniture with their house design. One of the favorite furniture is acrylic side table. The acrylic material make your table looks shiny and […]

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Ventless Washer Dryer Combo

  For those who are living in the apartments or even some homes, they do not use the ventless washer dryer combo. Instead, they make the use of the traditional dryer impossible. Yet, many people opt for the local Laundromat when it comes to the clothes hauling or even hanging the clothes outside the house […]

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Small Living Room Paint Colors

Having a small living room is just bothering sometimes. Even though everything would appear minimalist, but you can’t let yourself to put everything in other rooms. You will make another problem then. This is why you need to do some tricks, including solving this problem by the choice of paint colors. There are some small […]

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The Colors of Gray

To have a modern look of any room at your house, you can rely on the colors of gray. These colors are just the best for creating modern look. Combine it with the right colors, such as brown, white, or even to the other shades of gray itself. This color is one of those timeless […]

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