Art Deco Interior Design

Art Deco style is characterized by luxury and sophisticated decorations. As for interior design, it is a rather complicated style as you should be very careful with combining different pieces of interior. Art Deco interior design implies a number of distinctive traits. Geometry is one of the main principles of this style. Straight and sharp […]

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Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Since I was a young person, shade has been a major ordeal in my home. When it was an ideal opportunity to change the color of a room there was much examination and banter on the best shade. It was not something that we did regularly however when we did do it, it was a […]

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Best Ways to Decorate Gourd Lamps

Last time, I already have talked about the amazing touch of the gourd lamps when decorating the living room or any area within the house you are having. I know some you put a serious attention to the idea to bring the gourd lamps as the decoration of the house since you consider this option as a good solution. […]

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Virtual House Makeover

Many people have try this virtual house makeover, yes, and many people succeed, that’s because they do preview before the start the real project, that is the advantage of the virtual house makeover, just try to make sure the design is reliable, but to start a reliable you may need to think about how to […]

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Creative Ways to Hang Pictures

You can have so many ideas from internet about displaying pictures on the wall. Some of these creative ways to hang pictures are old ways and simple, but other are unusual and appealing, worth it to try. First, you can grab your favorite photos, any pictures of objects or typos. Then print them into canvas […]

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How to Make Beautiful Homemade Curtains

Hello ladies, how is your day? What? Have a problem about how to make homemade curtains? Well looks like we have something in common here, well lets discuss it then, talking about homemade curtains if we look at the design, I seems like this is easy to make, but in fact, without any skills and knowledge […]

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