Small Bathroom Design

A small bathroom is not always bad. It can be a rather cozy and pleasant place if you organize everything in a proper way. The style and the colors also influence the way you feel there. Fortunately, there are several ideas that may help to make the room look bigger and better. A small bathroom design is a quite essential thing, and everything depends on you.


Light warm colors will help to widen the small bathroom visually. It is not necessary to choose the typical colors but avoid bright shades for the basic color. It is better to use noticeable accessories but the walls and other should better be pastel. Actually, you may lay wall tiles horizontally – it will not only make the walls look wider but also more untypical.

For this very reason it is better to use big and light floor tiles as well. If it is not possible at the moment then you can lay a light mat.
The bathroom will look more elegant if there are some accents such as contrast or bright splashes. The main thing is that everything should combine to compound a good-looking interior.


The lighting is able to change the perception of the space absolutely: you may arrange any atmosphere you want. The more light there is, the bigger a room seems. It is possible to install some additional supplies like pin-up lamps. Even usual mirror lighting may be helpful, and you feel more comfortable while applying make-up or shaving.

Space Arrangement

Various pieces of furniture make the room congested, so you can organize multi-level space for keeping all the necessary things: making a pedestal for a bath-tub and a sink will make the space more comfortable and easier to move. Moreover, it looks unusual. Open wall shelves will also improve the small bathroom design. If there are the items you can handle without then take them out.

Bathroom Accessories

A big number of miscellaneous items make the bathroom smaller than it is. Reduce the number of nice but unnecessary things to free the space. There may be just several noticeable accessories, and it will look much better than a mass of ones.


If there is a free wall then we recommend you to hang a mirror that will serve two functions: reflecting the light and visual widening of the space. It is not necessary to get a big one: several small mirrors can also be helpful.

If you take these advices into consideration then you have a good chance to widen the space and make the design of a small bathroom better than it used to be.


Gallery of Small Bathroom Design

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