Simple Ways on Kitchen Sink Installation

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Do you know there were two different kinds of kitchen sink? One is under mounted and the other is drop in, the under mounted sink installed beneath the counter, and commonly used the solid surface and natural or engineered countertops, the other with drop in sink may required stainless steel material for this one, OK, once you want to install the new kitchen sink, you have to measure the old one, try to match the size properly for a better results, as you change the kitchen sinks, it will be recommended if you do change for the faucets as well, now is time to remove the old sink, turn all the water connection off, then release the water supply line from the faucets.

Some kitchen sink may have disposal system; you have to turn off the power, use the pliers to disconnect the pipes, the dishwasher drain line should be remove as well, after the connected pipe and drains removed, you can remove the disposal out from the place, then you can remove the screws of the kitchen sing that attached on the countertop unit, and push the sink up to remove the sink, after you remove the kitchen sink you can see there is a dirty spot on the counter top, remove any dirty spot with the countertop cleaner, spray the cleaner and sponge it gently.

Then you can try your new kitchen sink on the countertop, just to make sure the size is fit on it, after that pull it back and install the hardware on the kitchen sink, there will be an instruction about how to assemble the kitchen sink parts on the booklet, just follow the instruction, after the kitchen sink set up, the next thing is placing it, turn and rotate the clips, the tighten the screws, reconnect the water and disposal system on your new kitchen sinks, place the faucet on the kitchen sink, well done, your kitchen set is ready to use.

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