Simple Way to Install the Drapery Valances

Best Drapery Valances

An easy way to add a distinctive look in your room can be done simply by decorates your window with drapery valances. They come in many options of colors and patterns that can give a visual interest to your room and window instantly. You have many ways for using drapery valances to decorate your window and enhance the appealing.

A straight valance is a good option of drapery valances that hangs down the window one third of the way. It can fit the window or even wider. A straight valance has a different fabric in the front and back making it very plain. So, you can tie the fabric to the back allowing both fabrics can be seen giving you a more interesting look. If valances come in two parts, then this is a cafe valance. One part of the valance covers the lower part of the window and the other part cover only one third of the upper half. This kind of valances is usually used in kitchens or rooms where complete privacy is needed. Adding this valance can also add a French or country style to your room depending on the type of the fabric and prints chosen. Another style of valance is a scalloped valance which has a scalloped edge as a header. It usually fits across the window giving it a more modern and elegant look. The edge of this valance is usually adorned with ribbons or other drapery decorations. If you are making the valances yourself, you can either glue or sew the decorations to the edge. Swag valance is the least difficult to sew and this is a little difficult to arrange on the curtain rod. It is a long fabric which is hemmed on all sides and loosely looped over the curtain rod.

So, those are some drapery valances that you can use to decorate your window giving a more attractive look while providing privacy.

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