Simple Fireplace Decoration Ideas

Traditional Fireplace Decoration

Fireplace is the main focal point in a room where it is in. This is why fireplace is usually the center of decoration since it brings a different look to the whole room. Creating a good fireplace decoration is not difficult because you can even simply place some things to get your fireplace decorated. So, if you want to enhance the appealing of your room decor, simply decorate your fireplace will help you achieve the goal.

The mantel of the fireplace is the perfect place to decorate a fireplace because it provides a good look to the entire room once it is decorated. When you are celebrating a holiday, the mantel is the most appropriate place to put the decoration. You can simply lay a fabric runner over the mantel to complement the wall color. Putting candles, pottery and pictures is also good for decorating your mantel. You can also create seasonal fireplace decoration with flowers in the spring and evergreen boughs in winter to bring a fresh look into your home. If your fireplace is not really functional, you can place candles and candelabras in the heart. You can choose candles in one color and place them in various places in the hearth. Choosing scented candles is great because it can add more ambiances to your home. If your fireplace is a not functioning one, you can build a fire without lighting to create a rustic wood in your room. Simply selecting two or three clean and attractive logs and arrange them on the fireplace grate will give such look. Another idea to decorate your fireplace can be done by adding wicker baskets to place a natural element.

So, there are many ways you can do to create a good fireplace decoration that can enhance the look of your fireplace. Choose the idea that you think the simplest and the most effective to give you such look.

Gallery of Simple Fireplace Decoration Ideas

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