Shabby Сhic Style: Remembering Old Times

It is most likely that you have ever heard about Shabby Chic style, but today it is so wide-spread that some people misunderstand this term. In spite of the fact that today «shabby chic» is a common name for all types of decorating in similar style; initially it was a style of interior design. It appeared in the end of 80-ies of twentieth century in England.

A designer whose name was Rachel Ashwell opened her own shop called this way. She started to sell furniture and other interior items. She bought them in flea markets and gave them the second live in its literal meaning. There were chairs, chests, armchairs, lockers, poufs in various styles: neoclassic, baroque, rococo and country. Thus, the style of «Victorian romance» interiors appeared.

The first thing we will focus on is color. While looking at Shabby chic interior you can meet only light or pastel tones: white, light blue, light pink, ivory, lavender, creamy, linen, sea foam color and others.

The basic element of each interior is furniture. It plays an important role in interior design as well. Furniture should be made of wood, and it will look more elegant if it is vintage or antique. It can be relatively modern, but there should be traces of the past, scrapes are not necessary. It will be amazing if furniture is decorated with convex or, on the contrary, carved ornament. The color of furniture is mainly white, but it is not the only way: roses or angels can be painted on its surface as well. Artificially aged gilding looks wonderful. When we deal with upholstered furniture, we should choose white or delicate pink upholstery.

Walls decorated in Shabby chic style are crudely painted, it is possible to cover them with wallpaper with small flowers. Floor is preferably to be wooden but parquet would be showy; you can use tile for kitchen. A ceiling cannot be white: there should be the impression that it lost the whiteness overtime – so, it should have light gray or yellow color.

As for decorating, it is also important for such interior, because it doesn’t imply minimalism. That is why you can use any old things you have or acquired: old phone, ribbons, porcelain, plates, vases and others. Pay special attention to fixtures and lamps, especially with fabric lampshades. Don’t forget about miscellaneous things such as bright bedspread, cute pillows, cookie boxes and other things can make your home very cozy. Flowers can decorate the rooms not only as pictures on the walls, but as composition of natural or dried flowers.

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