Seven Types of Kitchen Curtains

A kitchen is one of the most useful and crowded zones in a home. If it is situated on the first floors, it needs to be protected from prying eyes, or if the windows are located in the south, you should have protection from the sun rays. Many years ago people have found the solution – curtains. Today there is great variety of them, but we shall pay our attention for the main types.

Roman curtains. This kind is widely accepted as ideal due to their practicality. First of all, they need minimum of place and they can be controlled both manually and mechanically. Besides, they are relatively cheap and look nice with any possible styles of kitchen interior.

Japanese panels. This type can be appropriate for kitchens decorated in Asian or ethnical style. They look like leaf tissues, with width up to 80 cm and with length from a cornice to floor. This type of curtains is good for zoning in large rooms, for example, when you want to separate kitchen from canteen.

Curtains on eyelets. It is a quite new idea for kitchen. Eyelets are special plastics rings worn on metallic cornice. They are easy to be operated by motions from both sides. Such curtains may be made of both light and tight materials. Moreover, they look elegant in majority of interiors.

French curtains. If you have a large kitchen, or kitchen and canteen are combined, this variant is suitable for you. French curtains make interior gorgeous and luxurious due to folds which can be sewed even to the middle of the canvas. Usually they are stitched of synthetic fabrics.

Austrian curtains. They can be called a combination of strict Roman and lush French curtains. The most possible fabrics for this type of curtains are organza, silk, satin and cotton. You may thread the cord inside the fabric and then, if you want, you can tighten it, and a curtain will transform into several lush folds. But this kind of curtains may remain in its expanded form, and it will look wonderful as well.

Pelmets. Last years some new interesting things appeared in interior design. We mean lambrequins or pelmet. It is a strip of cloth that is elegantly draped in the top of a window. Initially pelmets were used in living rooms and bedrooms, but now they are widely used for decorating kitchens in modern, urban and classic style.

Blinds. Perhaps it is the most widespread type. Today they are produced of variety of materials: plastic, wood, aluminum and even bamboo. Moreover, these blinds are controlled by a simple but convenient mechanism. As for the color, it would be a very successful decision to decorate blinds with a picture or a photo.


Gallery of Seven Types of Kitchen Curtains


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