Safari Interior

Safari style is not a wide-spread one as most people tend to choose modern or, on the contrary, classical variants. But Safari can be called a universal solution as it combines the best elements of both these styles. It resembles several styles at once but it does not look eclectic. It originates from Africa, and the aim of such decorations is becoming closer to the beauty of nature.

Let’s begin with the colors. All the shades of brown, olive and yellow are considered to be basic for Safari. But at the same time they can be replaced by items of other colors – but not the bright ones. The main point is that there should be the impression of harmony with nature.

The pieces of furniture and other elements should be made of natural materials such as wood and stone and have appropriate patterns (furniture with natural structure, textile is monochrome or with In this term Safari is very close to ethno and primitive styles of interior decorating but it gives more opportunities for interpretation.

There are some points that are rather essential for Safari. Particularly, there should be no curtains or they can be made of light fabric like organza, silk or something like this. Other types of fabric will also look nice but a little bit less genuine. Another point is plastering: walls and ceiling should look similar, it is better to paint them with light neutral colors. The second way is getting Safari style wallpapers.

Floor is traditionally made of massive decks or stone – actually, these natural elements are basic for African style, they are affordable and can be used for creating any surfaces. They are easy to handle, and a great number of people make their choice in favor of these materials.

As for decorative elements, the most common ones are items referring to animalistic style. These can be carpets, statuettes, rugs and plaids painted like a zebra or a giraffe. Other wild animals like lions or elephants are also rather popular. You can decorate the walls their paintings or photos, mask will also be appropriate for this style. Plants and small trees look magnificent. Any attributes of African life will be suitable for Safari interior.

It is not necessary to take all these points into consideration at one – a couple of them will be enough to make the interior look genuine but still cozy and habitual. Anyway, if you find the key elements of Safari for your house, it will look really impressive. Here are several pictures that can inspire nature lovers.

Gallery of Safari Interior

12_safari11_safari10_safari9_safari8_safari7_safari6_safari5_safari4_safari3_safariNorth Island, Seychelles.
Villa 5 bathroom1_safari

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