Romantic Decorations Will Make Your House Exceptional

«Romantic» is a too ambiguous word, so it can mean anything you would like to imagine. Romantic style of interior decorating is something eclectic: it possesses some elements of Classical style, a bit of Shabby chic, Country and several other styles. It is supposed to be tender and charming.


Traditional colors are light pink, blue and white, but it does not necessarily mean that other colors and shades are not appropriate. Beige, violet, green colors will make any parts of your house look amazing and fresh. An important thing to remember is the next one: there should be a light and neutral basic color (or a couple of them) so that it would combine with any décor elements.


Using various elements of décor is the most essential part of Romantic style. So, you choose the basic colors, and then it is possible to add such elements as small bright flowers, pictures or paintings. It is worth mentioning such items as curtains, plaids, napkins and other textile issues. They should look zephyrous and flimsy, it will be nice to use organza, silk and laces but not too much.

The most distinctive romantic features are flowers and candles, and they still remain in trend. You can decorate the space of your house not only with roses and wax candles. There may be fabric handmade flowers and gel candles with pretty things inside. There are plenty of ideas, and you are free to choose anything you like.

Actually, getting handmade things is a brilliant idea for those who would like to make the interior not only likeable but cozy as well. Even lampshades and ikebana are possible to make with your own hands. Decoupage technique, origami and a number of other crafts will also complete the interior greatly.


Lamps and torchers are able to improve any room. The more lamps you use, the more lightness and charm there is in the room. There can be lighting near the mirror or you can even organize

If your choice is romantic and comfortable interior, then these tips can help much. Any of them are possible to interpret, and you are welcome to make experiments.


Gallery of Romantic Decorations Will Make Your House Exceptional


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