Retro in Heart and at Home: the Style of 60-ies

Seeking for new and creative design ideas, people often accept the fact that new is something good old-fashioned. That is why retro style became the sign of a good taste. But retro does not mean that home should be full of old things, it is a much more interesting phenomenon of contemporary design.

Young people who were trying to build new happy future preferred unnatural, solid materials, such as plastic, glass, chrome etc. Furniture was made of such materials and had bright décor elements as well.

The basic feature of furniture is that it should have interesting and unusual shape, and the surface must be smooth and shiny, what was achieved by polishing. Important characteristic of furniture items is mobility; it means that furniture elements should preferably be small and easy to move from one place to another.

Besides, lines should better be smooth; there should not be tables or lockers with acute corners. Retro also means a very explosive combination of colors (but there should not be neon colors as they are quite modern). Almost all bright colors may be used in interior, but red, light blue, orange, yellow were especially popular. As for walls, they often were painted in some neutral colors that let other items grab attention. Black and white floor tile was incredibly popular; in rare cases there was parquet laid herringbone.

Of course, music was one of the main passions of those years. So, guitars and vinyl phonograph records will look amazing and very natural. If you manage to find old tape-recorder then the interior of your house can be considered completely decorated.

Much attention was paid to details. Décor elements are the most important thing in design of such interior, because it is the point that makes home unique and interesting. You can safely use various prints and ornament for pictures on wall, cushions and bedspread, tableware and so on.

Abundance of pictures and photos on walls are respected; it may be pictures in abstractionism, modern or pop-art style or posters. As for photos, it may be your own family photos, but photos of celebrities will look more genuine, especially if these are the photos of American idols, like Merlin Monroe or John Kennedy, because retro as style of interior has appeared in USA initially. So, let’s give new life to old things.



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