Psychology of Your Room: How to Make Walls Work For Your Mood

A well-known philosopher said: «We are what surround us». So many scientific experiments proved the failure of the opinion about a human being independent and completely confident of life. The interior of any home is actually a relevant instance for this. There are so many cases of how design of the room may influence your psychological state. For this reason this topic is widely discussed, and we are going to speak about two things which make the interest of people in different Internet communities: how to choose the right color for the interior and what is the most important in choosing such items as mirror. Let’s discuss these issues.

The color which paints you. Almost everyone has some preferences about color spectrum not only in clothing, nail polishing or hair styling, but in organizing the design of the interior too. Despite of our wishes, «psychodesign» specialists have established several important rules for choosing colors for your home. First of all, every room has the own «favorite» color. For bedroom it would be perfect to use blue or green. These colors help you to relax, they also help to distract from any negative events in life. Green is especially good for people who suffer from insomnia. In opposite, if you want to cheer up, use red, orange or yellow. These colors make very positive atmosphere in the cabinet of the bathroom, but what is important – do not overdo, because if your life rhythm is fast, vivid colors will just annoy you. As for kitchen and canteen, it would be amazing to use brown, violet, white and black in the interior. These colors are noble and calm, and the fact that they improve appetite is proved scientifically.

Anyway, there are so many variations that anyone is free to choose the one that suits the house best. Moreover, mixing them up would also be a nice idea.
Fulfill your home with mirrors! Many years ago mirrors were the elements of luxury, but now they are hung in every home, in every room. You come back home, see your reflection in the mirrors and say «Hey, guy!». It seems so natural, and we arrange them how we prefer. Psychologists know the rules of using mirrors as well. The most important characteristics of any mirror are the shape and the size. It should be elongated vertically, but not horizontally, because you should see only youк reflection, but not how you look in the interior. Besides, mirror should not be located in front of your bed. It is more likely that you will sleep restlessly, and feel that you are being watched at. Mirrors also help the hallway be wider if you place them on the opposite sides of the walls.

Here are some inspiring examples of choosing the right colors and accessories for the apartment.



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