Provence Living room Design

If you decide to decorate the living room in Provence style you will get a wonderful possibility to escape from urbanization and vanity. You can create the atmosphere of harmony and calmness anytime and anywhere you like.

Despite Provence style seems a bit naive, its popularity is growing, and the conception of Provence interior is used for creating both accommodation units and public establishments. There are no strict rules but there are several distinctive traits:

- lack of needless luxury;

- simple elegance;

- decorative elements that are associated with country life, feral herbs and beautiful nature.

Provence living room design implies simplicity but it is not very easy to make everything in a proper way. Arranging pieces of furniture and décor is not a random thing. There should be a special idea that is realized through the things.

Materials and textiles

Natural and ecological materials should prevail in Provence style design. Plastic and other modern materials are not good – only wood, stone, ceramics textile etc. are appropriate for this purpose. Cotton, flax, lawn, chintz – you need the textiles that you could fond in your grandmother’s chest. All the trunklements are welcome. Hand-embroidered napkins and table clothes will complete the interior greatly.

Interior planning

If your apartment is spacious enough and there are opportunities for making a fireplace then you are free to organize everything you like. But most of accommodations are not so big. It is not a problem; you can focus on the details that will help to make the authentic atmosphere. The pieces of furniture should be placed randomly, but not in lines, as we got used to see it.

Colors and textures

Provence living room design is characterized by the colors that are not bright – it will be better to say they are rich and muted. The color range should be rich in light pastel shades. The room will look more vivid if you use yellow, violet and blue. We recommend you to remember about keeping the balance. If the walls are decorated with the wallpaper then it is better to choose stripes, discreet colors and geometrical lines. It is also nice to create shabby effect or make artificial crackles – it will make the room look more old vergoeding cialis vgz and genuine.

Decorative elements

As for furniture, many people think about white or beige wooden items. The colors are not the main thing – there should be the feel of old times and traditions. Various frescos, paintings, carvings and so on can be good for decorating cupboards and bureaus. A rocking chair and massive table made of rustic wood will fit well into the Provence living room design for sure. It will be perfect to organize a fireplace – it can be at least artificial.

The lighting

The lighting should always be tender and relaxing. The lamps can be decorated with artificial flowers, or you will be lucky enough to find some old anglepoise or even a petrol lamp.

All these points are essential for creating Provence living room design. This style is a unique combination of functionality and elegance. The space should be used sensibly, you should remember about the hints of the past, so it will be a good idea to decorate the living room with old family photos, classic pictures and statuettes. Every detail can help you to create the unique atmosphere.


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