Pex Vs Copper Installation – Which is the Best One

Pex Vs Copper

If you are a non plumber person, then it may be difficult for you to differ between pex vs copper and you don’t even know which one is better. Some people, however, also don’t know what is pex and copper. So, it can be useful for you to know the pros and cons of pex and copper so that you can choose which one you will install in your home.

Before knowing the pros and cons, you need to know what is pex and copper. Pex is cross-linked polyethylene pipe which is made by material gone through several processes. It makes the material become durable for extreme temperatures, creep deformation because of long term exposure to stress and chemical attack from acids. These make pex a good pipping substance for both hot and cold water systems especially for temperatures below freezing. It is also good because it is flexible and easy to install. It will also help you to bring your cost down because it is resistant to breaks and cold weather. This is the first difference of pex vs. copper. The copper may be familiar for most people because it has been around for decades. Since it is made of metal, it is flexible and durable. Compared to iron pipes, copper is easier to install. Also, it provides a biostatic atmosphere that makes it difficult for bacteria to grow inside of it. So, it is good for health┬áconsideration. Copper is resistant of corrosion and it is unaffected by ultraviolet rays that means it can be used for outside. However, pex pipes which are affected by ultraviolet shouldn’t be used outside. So, this is the cons of using pex. For copper, it can corrode due to the pH of the water if it is too acidic or too basic for the pipes. However, just because it can corrode it doesn’t mean that the water is bad for you.

After knowing the difference of pex vs copper, you can choose which one is better for your home.

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