Patterns are Everywhere… Is It Good or Not?

Patterns are almost an inevitable part of decorating any house. Even if you choose wallpapers or other types of finishing materials there are usually some patterns on them. It is considered that pattern is something dull and boring, or at least very habitual, but it depends on how you manage to organize space and combine the colors.

Such décor has been used since ancient times, and became extremely popular when Classical style appeared. Initially there were wallpapers with flowers. Later people started using colorful tiles for framing pieces of furniture and kitchens. A great variety of elements has appeared since then, and there are becoming more and more of them now.

Firstly, it is important to remember that if you use a pattern as a basis (walls, floor) then it looks motley, you can get tired of it rather quickly. And it is not the best idea to use other patterns at the same time. So, try to avoid overloading the space with any superfluous elements. If you don’t mind having everything then it will be better to focus on neutral colors.

There may be wallpapers, tiles or even paintings – it is possible to combine different patterns or it will be a great idea to get a bright or a dark pattern together with a monotonous basic font. It is an appropriate idea for any room as well as for a kitchen and a bathroom. It is not necessary to decorate a wall only – the floor or furniture are also good for it. But don’t forget about the main rule of arrangement for any space: don’t overdo. It is better to do a little less that it is needed so that it will look elegant and creative.
A convenience of this idea lets apply it to any type of interior style, a well-chosen pattern will look smooth with any kind of decorations, and the appropriate pattern can be chosen for any house. If you use moveable items like rugs, curtains, plaids and so on, then it is possible to replace them with any others. It gives more possibilities and space for imagination.

It is great that there is the opportunity to choose any type of décor according to your taste and preferences. Make experiments and find something special! So, it’s up to you what to choose, we hope these examples will help you.




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