Patterned Lamp Shades

Patterned Lamp Shades With Colorful MotifYou will get a new look anywhere at your house if you have some of patterned lamp shades. Those patterned lamp shades are surely bringing something new, fresh, and comfy to your house. The designs of these patterned lam shades are diverse in a lot types. You can even adjust the design into your own room. Even better, you can make your own patterned lamp shades! Start from the basic pattern like stripes, triangles or eclipse, you always have more time and more ideas to be added to your own do-it-yourself patterned lamp shades. The light when it hits the pattern on the cover of your lamp will bring unique look and just making your own signature style. Simply do it using some standard ways, like cutting some papers and making them patterned, or you can use the fastest way, by purchasing them on local furniture store. It is actually simple and fairly quick to make a patterned lamp from paper. Whenever you have cut a pattern for a lampshade, you can keep it handy and use it to change your lampshades whenever you want.

You can always do this, if you want, which once you had done with one, you would likely make another one for certain events, like Valentine‚Äôs Day, Thanksgiving or even Halloween event. There are some basic steps that you can follow. Just keep in mind that the results are diverse depending on the creativity of each person, so you may as well throw out your ideas in order to make the best one. First, you are going to prepare the tools and the materials, like some chosen papers, for instance you can go with the zebra pattern first. You also have to prepare the scissors, and marker. Second, you can start to apply the idea of what kind of pattern that you like to stick to the cover of your lamp shades? You can always go with the vertical stripes or horizontal one. Third, you can unroll wide, the paper so it’s flat on your work table. Then, lock the corners and edges using masking tape so the paper does not roll up. After that, you can unroll more paper to cover your lampshade. Fourth, lay the lampshade on one edge of the paper using the lampshade’s seam. Next, hold the marker in one hand and slowly roll the lampshade toward the opposite end of the paper in order to start at the seam. Last, you can cut the paper along the top and bottom dashes and the end line to complete your patterned lamp shades.

Gallery of Patterned Lamp Shades

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