Painting Wood Furniture

Painting Wood Furniture  with nice designWooden furniture is still the main choice the majority of our society, even though the furniture of other materials eg plastic, metal is gaining in popularity. because wood furniture has a virtue that is not owned plastic and metal materials. Classical impression caused by the wood could not easily be replaced. Elegant impression also adds charisma that radiates from the owner of the furniture especially if the wood used is of high economic value timber species such as teak, ironwood will be greatly appreciated by lovers of wooden furniture.

Another thing that can improve the quality of wood furniture is with a good finish. Painting wood furniture requires special tricks and skills that not everyone can do it. Important to note is the choice of whether to use paint metal paint or use a special paint timber. It will be different because it has a metal paint colors are more striking character and should not be used to paint the wooden furniture used indoor, or more exotic brevity will be reduced if the value of using a metal paint. Of course its also a plus, painted wood furniture using metal paint would be suitable for use in school children like kindergarten because many colors and solid colors.

If the desire to preserve the value of exotic wood furniture then the choice on special paint timber, or it could be with camphor. Colors available are usually natural colors approaching the type of wood. For best results use a natural patchwork when wanting to paint a more natural result because a brush will be visible brushstrokes former, of course, this will reduce the value of exotica. Note also the selection of thinner do not use thinner oils containing long as it will dry out and cannot blend with the paint..

Gallery of Painting Wood Furniture

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