Asian Style Decorating: Sipmple Elegance

Asia is a distant and mysterious land where lots of wonderful things happen. Patience, spirituality and piece – these are the associations connected with Asia. Philosophical perception of the world is a basic principle of life here: everything is organized for comfort, love and harmony. It is not surprising that Asian style inspires a great […]

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Hanging Gardens: Making Dreams Come True

Have you ever thought of organizing a perfect garden? It is not the hardest thing, especially if you get some good ideas. Moreover, you can do it not only outside the house but also inside of it. One of the most unusual but still not the most difficult ways is to organize a hanging garden. […]

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A Hammock in the House

What do you think about when you hear a word “hammock”? Probably, the first associations are connected with tropical resorts and wonderful leisure. But it is not necessarily an attribute of vacation. It is possible to enjoy the relaxing atmosphere every day. All you need it to hang a hammock in a flat or in […]

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Combining Styles: Ideas and Tendencies

Decorating a house always starts with choosing the design and the style of each room. On the one hand, everything should look smoothly and naturally – for this reason it is necessary to select the most appropriate colors and styles. At the same time it is a well-known fact that different styles can be combined […]

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Organizing a Tree House

Haven’t you ever dreamed of a tree house? Yes, exactly the same house that is often shown in films and cartoons. It is absolutely real, and you can have one. It is a perfect place for having some rest, sharing secrets with friends and doing anything you want. This kind of house seems to be […]

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A Bathroom Window

A bathroom is a nice place to relax, and everyone wants it to be beautiful, cozy and pleasant to use. At the same time there is always a chance to make the space not only functional but also creatively different. A good way to express creativity and surprise the others is to make a window […]

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Partition Walls In the House

The space in the house should be organized properly. The rooms have to be functional but still cozy and comfortable, and there should be enough space for all the necessary activities. The most common problem is that there are too large or, vice versa, too occupied rooms. So, the bay way out in both cases […]

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