How to Make a Valance

Nowadays, a valance is not only used at bedroom to repel mosquitoes. A valance can also be a part of decorating stuff. If you are a creative person, everything can also be inspiration for your room decoration. A few years ago, people think that valance is only match for bedroom, but actually if you know […]

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Best Ways to Decorate Gourd Lamps

Last time, I already have talked about the amazing touch of the gourd lamps when decorating the living room or any area within the house you are having. I know some you put a serious attention to the idea to bring the gourd lamps as the decoration of the house since you consider this option as a good solution. […]

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How to Decorate Attic Bedroom

Do you want to decorate the attic bedrooms, but do not know where to start? Well, more and more people considering changing the attic into the extra room where they could spend time resting and relaxing or simply provide more room when there is a guest comes over into the house. Decorating the attic bedrooms is almost the […]

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How to do the Right Growing Pole Beans Techniques

Pole beans is just beans that grows on poles. When you plant beans you have to get something for the beans grow up on. In this terms, you use poles. Pole beans is the same type as bush beans. What differs them, that they are vine crop so they need poles in order to growing […]

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What Is PVA Glue

What is PVA glue. If you want to know what is PVA glue?. You must be have something to do with woodwork. You need glue to stick something to stick to something. In What is PVA glue?. PVA stands for Polyvinyl acetate and it’s a type of aiphatic resin. It is also water based. It […]

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Pull Chain Light Fixture Replacement

Instead of buying the new light fixture, it will be much cheaper for getting the pull-chain fixed by you. The pull-chain only costs one or two dollars and requires minimal time’s amount. This pull-chain is connected to the toggle switch therefore the light can be turned n & off. There are lots of ceiling lights […]

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How to Create Beautiful Backyard Escapes

Home sweet home is our dreams, isn’t it? Yes, home is a place to take a rest, live, and gather with our family. Home is also describing us. So, that why our home is to be comfortable, safely, beautiful, and warm.  One way to make it all is recover our backyard escapes. Even rather difficult, […]

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