Safari Interior

Safari style is not a wide-spread one as most people tend to choose modern or, on the contrary, classical variants. But Safari can be called a universal solution as it combines the best elements of both these styles. It resembles several styles at once but it does not look eclectic. It originates from Africa, and […]

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Metal Décor Elements

Some time ago people used to think that metal is too hard, solid and lumber to use for different crafts, which meant that this material is not good enough for making small and pretty things. It is rather difficult to imagine something fragile and elegant made of it but there are more and more modern […]

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Shabby Сhic Style: Remembering Old Times

It is most likely that you have ever heard about Shabby Chic style, but today it is so wide-spread that some people misunderstand this term. In spite of the fact that today «shabby chic» is a common name for all types of decorating in similar style; initially it was a style of interior design. It […]

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«Diaphanous» Furniture, or Glass Fashion

Nowadays glass has become a usual material. Almost in each home there is a table, a bar desk, a nightstand etc. made of glass. This material is relatively cheap, completely natural and available. More than that, glass will add ease and airiness to the style of your home. Glass furniture also visually expands the space […]

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Retro in Heart and at Home: the Style of 60-ies

Seeking for new and creative design ideas, people often accept the fact that new is something good old-fashioned. That is why retro style became the sign of a good taste. But retro does not mean that home should be full of old things, it is a much more interesting phenomenon of contemporary design. Young people […]

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Seven Types of Kitchen Curtains

A kitchen is one of the most useful and crowded zones in a home. If it is situated on the first floors, it needs to be protected from prying eyes, or if the windows are located in the south, you should have protection from the sun rays. Many years ago people have found the solution – […]

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Improve Your Interior With Houseplants

Such houseplants as impatiens, pelargonium, rubbers and cacti have been placed in our homes for a long time. We are used to seeing them, and some of us are even tired of these plants. So, we should meet new kinds of houseplants and be aware of how to place them in a house. A large […]

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