Built-in Bathtub: Drawbacks and Advantages

Bathroom is the favorite place to relax for many people, but this room has much more functions than you can imagine. For example, you can always try a new style of interior or add some unusual details there. One of the most required items is a built-in bathtub. This thing is considered to be an […]

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How to Arrange an Attic bedroom

Owning a house is a great deal, and it is always a pleasure to improve it. If there is an attic in your house, you have a great possibility to organize an extra room there. It may be a living-room, a guest room or a gym, but most people prefer having a bedroom under the […]

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Decorate Your House with Sofa Cushions

Miscellaneous things are quite essential for successful house decoration. Among the most noticeable items there are cushions that can be placed anywhere you want. Traditionally they were made to suite the sofa or the cushion where they were placed. Now there is much more freedom in interior planning: pillows and cushions have various sizes and […]

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Finnish Interior Elements

Finnish interior is considered to be rather popular all over the world. Its laconism gives lots of opportunities for interior decoration and space planning. Though it is not very complicated, there appears the impression that the house is luxurious and elegant. There are some tips that may help to improve the interior of your apartment […]

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Create the Atmosphere of Summer

Summer houses are liked by a great number of people, and those who have the opportunity to live in a warm climate try to organize a beach house interior. It doesn’t mean that there are any limits for those who are located in a colder climate zone – on the contrary, it is a chance […]

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Patterns are Everywhere… Is It Good or Not?

Patterns are almost an inevitable part of decorating any house. Even if you choose wallpapers or other types of finishing materials there are usually some patterns on them. It is considered that pattern is something dull and boring, or at least very habitual, but it depends on how you manage to organize space and combine […]

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Romantic Decorations Will Make Your House Exceptional

«Romantic» is a too ambiguous word, so it can mean anything you would like to imagine. Romantic style of interior decorating is something eclectic: it possesses some elements of Classical style, a bit of Shabby chic, Country and several other styles. It is supposed to be tender and charming. Colors Traditional colors are light pink, […]

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