How to Apply Slate Patio for Yard Design

Do you have any patio for your house?  Do you think something really needs to be changed? Or you need to add something to make it better? If you do have that problem you may need to add slate patio, it some material that commonly used as the floor for the patio, this will make […]

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Hiring Floor Sander Rental for Cleaning Woodfloor

Do you have any problem with your hardwood floor? Especially with how to repaint the color, I ask my neighbor who done repainting wood floor for his house, and he recommend me to try the floor sander rental service, but what is floor sander? Well floor sander is a one of the floor repainting process, […]

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Best Shower Shaving Stool for Bathroom

Do you think that appearance is mater? Well for women appearance and beauty is everything, from the edge of the nail and the whole body should be perfect, include the hair problem, you know, as a normal human, some hair will grow in the parts of the body is not it? and some part may […]

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Best Kitchen Decorating Ideas

What are the problems if function of kitchen is nothing in the home? The kitchen room is the center room. Although a small home, all home certainly have a room of kitchen. Same with your living room, the kitchen needs decorate and style. Everyone use them differently that certainly has a style all their own. […]

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How to Install Wood Flooring

There will be many articles and post about how to install wood flooring on the internet, but some of them may not good enough to tell you the information and the tutorial, this time, I will give you the estimating and installing  wood flooring, there will be many obstacle during the job, but with better […]

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How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

Do you think that tile a bathroom is a complicated job? Or have you done it before? Well everything feels complicated before you try it for yourself, actually, you every job can be done easily if you know the right method and patience, here I will show you something about how to tile a bathroom […]

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Cool Cooking Appliances for Modern Kitchen

What do you think about your kitchen? For me it’s like a playground, well I have very interesting stories, it sound bored but I think you need to know this one, ok, this happen when I’m preparing the meals and turkey for the thanksgiving day, it’s kind a yearly ceremonial, and my home always be […]

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