Organizing Black&White Room

Most of flats are decorated in a traditional way, in smooth and natural colors, and this tendency is so common that anyone might have had the idea to change the interior completely. One of the most efficient ways of doing this is using creative decorations, bright colors and fresh design ideas.

Organizing space in contrast black and white colors is one of the most extravagant ideas, though the idea itself is considered to be almost old-fashioned. Despite this opinion, such a strong contrast may look really luxurious and innovative. With the help of modern technologies and new materials it can be really easy to organize a unique but still cozy place in the house.

It is possible to create this special atmosphere using only two colors. Of course, adding some other elements, especially bright ones, will not make a room look worse, but pure black and white zone looks much more conceptual. This combination can be appropriate for a bedroom or a living-room as well as for kitchen or a bathroom.

A very important stage is defining the balance between these colors. It is rather obvious that the font color is mainly white. But if the room is big enough then it can be a good idea to paint the walls black –do not forget that the lighting is extremely essential. If there are many dark elements then it is necessary to install as many lamps as possible.

Another creative idea is to split large spaces into smaller dark and light zones to make them look more elegant. It is better to make the colors complete each other naturally, without huge color gaps. The most widely used colorations are «zebra» and «chess board».
If you are not quite sure about this extravagant decoration choice but you have the desire to try, then it may be really better to start with smaller elements that can be removed easily. For example, getting contrast black and white paintings, pillows, vases, carpets and table-cloth will change the look of the interior completely. Probably, it is a perfect way for those who like to tinker with different styles, for those who are in a constant search.

Taking all these reasons into consideration, it may be quite easy to make the decision and to try something new and unusual. Here are some examples of how this classic but still up-to-date contrast of two colors may look like.

Gallery of Organizing Black&White Room


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