Nordic Style in Interior: Modern but Inartificial

Scandinavian, or Nordic as the tradition claims, countries are the most successful in the contemporary society. More and more people want to live in Norway, Sweden or Denmark not just to get some social benefits but to see wonderful landscapes every day as well. According to statistics, webpages of Scandinavian people in Instagram or Facebook are gaining popularity every day. It is not only because of the photos of stunning nature, but because they post photos of their charming homes.

Nordic style is a relatively new trend in modern design, but interior designers are already aware of some secrets of improving their homes. In this article we will try to collect all these points to make your rooms look like pictures in social networks. There are five main points that you should know.

1. Colors and accents. Nordic style requires using pastel colors: light grey, light blue, beige and light green. But basic colors in Nordic design, of course, are white and black. Nevertheless, you should add any bright color accents to liven the atmosphere up. It might be colorful cushions, mats, lampshades, pictures. It is important not to overdo, it would be enough to add just a few interesting details. Use pink, red, green or blue shades.

2. Materials and furniture. The main requirement for materials is naturalness; it can bring up comfort to your home. Wood, metal, natural stone, glass, cotton, linen, fur, leather, and ceramics – all these materials can be used in Nordic interior. Furniture must be practical and functional, there should be nothing superfluous, get as much free space as possible.

3. Windows and lighting. The room decorated in Nordic style is full of light, and it should preferably be natural. That is why windows should be large, with light cotton or linen curtains. Obviously, the windows are made of wood of the same color as the floor. If you need artificial lighting, the main role is played by floor lamps and table lamps of different shapes, sizes and styles.

4. Floor and walls. White or beige plastering, light grey or light blue dye would be completely perfect for walls. Alternatively, it may be paneled by wood panels or planked by horizontal light boards. For the floor parquet it would be nice to get a couple of fluffy monochrome rugs or patchwork track are also very cute elements.

5. Décor and accessorizes. In Nordic style there should not be a great amount of décor elements, but they must be simple and bright. For example, glass vase can refract light, and in one of them you can put dried flowers or fresh wood chips. Mirrors also help to fill room with sunlight and expand available space visually. To follow the tradition of northern countries, use nautical them: hang pictures of fishes, sea, ships, or hang your family photos in thin frames – it will look elegant and charming.

Nordic style will be a good solution if you want to refresh the interior but not in a radical way.



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