Multifunctional Tables

Do you think tables are multifunctional by default or you don’t believe it can be more than it seems? Are you sure your furniture serve as many aims as possible? We assume this is not really so. The reason is there are so many different aspects of everyday things that we can rarely guess to use them this or that way.

For example, both kitchen and coffee tables have additional elements that let you use the furniture in several ways at the same time. One of the most popular and easy ways is to make it a bookshelf as well. There is no doubt that you can save enough space this way. This can be called rather typical but if we make the usual piece of interior more significant and elegant then it can become a really valuable décor element. A transformer table, a billiard table, a dining table – you can have it all in one item.

Sure, it can be not so easy to find this object in a shop but if you have enough patience and eagerness then you will succeed. The best ways are to make such multifunctional table yourself or to order this custom-built element that will suit your needs. Wooden or plastic, modern or vintage – it all depends on your taste. A very important thing is to make sure that you feel comfortable sitting by this table, and its style should suit the interior of your apartment. The more natural it looks the more harmony it will bring to your house.

There are also plenty of ways to make accommodation a bit brighter by renewing some old items. You can always give an old thing the second chance and create a new look with the help of decoupage technique or add an additional shelf for flowers or decoration elements. Combine materials, change colors – and you will realize what you need for sure.

Here are some designer projects that can help you to find some good idea. You’re always welcome to create your own masterpiece!

Gallery of Multifunctional Tables


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