Modern Living Room Ideas

Average flats and houses are usually not very big: the ceilings are not high and space planning is not very convenient. Though, it is possible to turn any room into something special. So, we would like to share some useful tips and modern living room ideas.


If the ceilings in your flat are not very big we strongly recommend not to get a massive lamp. The best way out is stretched or suspended ceilings with pinpoint lamp. They will lower the walls a bit, but the mild light will broaden the space visually. If you prefer suspended ceiling then its construction will help to reduce acoustic transmission. The ceilings which combine glossy materials with matte ones, then it will look stylish and nice. The ceiling will look higher and good-looking.

Side Rooms

The best decision is removing the wall between the rooms. So, the owners of the flats unite the living room with the kitchen or with the entry way, but this variant doesn’t suit everyone. Studios are nice but they are not god for the families, especially when there should be several bedrooms.

You can make the sleeping space smaller, but it should be parted with partitions. They can be made of gypsum wallboard or you can use folding screens – it may be rather convenient to use it at night, and there will be more free space at the daytime.

A Little Space

One of the most urgent problems is lack of free space for keeping things. That’s why rational use of every inch of space is so important. It will be sensible to replace the old storage with functional built-in closet. It is spacious enough, and the built-in mirror will make the room look bigger.

To save the space you can also place the TV on the wall. If you need some working place in the living room then it is better to organize it near the window. The cellar can serve as a desk, or you can install a portable one.
Folding doors are a good idea, especially if you need more free space.

If you want to make the walls look higher then we recommend you to use mirrors (and reflecting surfaces) and high furniture. It is surprising but low furniture can make the same effect.

You can also decorate the walls and the ceiling with the same colors. It seems that the boarders are removed as there is the united space. Cold and pale pastel colors can also help.

The Style of the Living Room

The limited space and closely situated rooms require much taste and much planning as well. Unnecessary detail will make the interior overloaded. This way, Scandinavian Japanese an minimalistic styles seem the most preferable variants for creating modern living room ideas.


Gallery of Modern Living Room Ideas

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