Modern Larkin Sleigh Crib Design

Larkin Sleigh Crib With White DraperyAs adults’ bedroom, crib for baby’s room is the most important furniture since it is baby’s bed; also, it is the same with a bed that needs to be matched with the rest décor in the room to make it incorporated. Usually parents will consider the design of the crib in order to achieve the style and the look of their baby’s room. However, no matter how beautiful the design of the crib is, still, the functionality should be in the first consideration. Even if the crib is very beautiful and matched with the bedroom décor, it will be nothing if it is lack of the functionality. Larkin sleigh crib combines both design and functionality at once allowing you to get the best and the most effective crib for your baby.

When choosing a crib for your baby, you shouldn’t play around by consider only the products that are affordable. Buying crib for your baby should be included in an investment to guarantee the safety and durability of the crib. Larkin sleigh crib can be a great investment for your baby because this crib can be used for many years until your child grow up. So, when your child gets older, you don’t have to buy a new crib. The durability of this crib is guaranteed because this piece of furniture is crafted expertly from hardwood. So it can last longer and it is stronger for accommodating the sleeping and playing area for babies. the crafted wood is designed with elegant details include crown molding, beveled panels, grooved posts and fluted slat detailing that makes the crib look great. Also, this crib can be easily adapted from a crib to a toddler bed simply using the conversion kit.

So you can find Larkin sleigh crib from Pottery Barn and read more to get more.

Gallery of Modern Larkin Sleigh Crib Design

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