Mirrors in the House

Mirrors give not only our reflections but also the reflections of our houses. By the way, they can tell much about your character. The more mirrors you have, the more ambitious person you are. Moreover, the design of a mirror also means much. Many years have passed since simple mirrors without any decorations were used. Now there is a great variety of styles, colors, shapes and so on.

We would like to present some ideas for inspiration. There are particular tendencies in all spheres of life, and decorating a house is not the exception. For example, complex mirrors consisting of several parts are quite popular these days. You may buy it or have it on order – in the second case all the parameters are limited only by your preferences and creativity. Another tendency is mixing styles, but you should be very careful as eclecticism is a complicated thing. If you are sure that you would like to try something new then you can learn more about different styles or just ask for a professional designer’s advice.

Some designers advise to hang a huge mirror or a number of mirrors in a random way so that the room could look more spacious. Fixing an ornately shaped mirror is another way to make a room look special.

Mirrors can be so different: you can hang it on the wall or put it on the floor; you can find one with an amazing frame or it can have absolutely unique shape. Variety of colors is also rather big: there are special cover-ups that you may use to make your mirror look more extravagant. Another way to decorate it is to stick some décor elements on: there are pictures and stickers for mirrors that can help a lot.

It does not really matter what types of mirrors you prefer – the main thing is to make the interior meet your requirements. All the items should combine in a proper way so that they look smoothly and nice.

Gallery of Mirrors in the House


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