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Creative Mobile Miniature Homes

you may already know about this, it’s a miniature homes, but some people may have different comprehension about this one, miniature house is not like a Barbie toys, or a house toys, miniature homes it’s house with the mini size, some say that size is matter, but how about this miniature homes? Well it’s good to have better size for the house, but you can still have this miniature homes as your additional option, if you look on the pictures, there will be a miniature homes with the wheels, that’s a crazy ideas, only person with high creativity who have the ability to create something like that.

miniature homes may just a better solution to express the passion of home designing, but there also other kinds of miniature house, if you see the projects, there will be a miniature of the project, home, building and the resorts, some miniatures is created as the vision of the project, and it’s very obvious to see, it’s better to know the results first before start the projects, here I have some pictures about miniature homes project.

But there is a real miniature homes, and it really functions, Jeff hardy is and engineer, one he created a house with wheel, that sound crazy, but he did it, the house size is maybe the smallest, but it really have the part of house just like the regular house, it created from the wooden material, he offer the finest wood log from Alaskan, with nice cutting process and very unique design, he start to build his house, first he make the wheels and the frame from the iron material, then he start cutting the wood log and make the base part, after that he start assemble the other parts and design the house, after he done with the exterior, the next thing is apply the roof, after that he puts the furniture, tools and any home hardware and parts.

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