Improve Your Interior With Houseplants

Such houseplants as impatiens, pelargonium, rubbers and cacti have been placed in our homes for a long time. We are used to seeing them, and some of us are even tired of these plants. So, we should meet new kinds of houseplants and be aware of how to place them in a house.

A large room requires a large plant. If the space of a home lets us, we could place big brackets or floral lattice, which would divide room into several separated zones. Dendroid plants like dracaena, ficus bengali, philodendron would be good for it.

Flowers must be picked up according to the features of the interior. Bright flowers will look spectacularly on a modest background. On the background with small patterns it will be fine to place large-leaf plants, for bright pattern it is better to choose tsiperus or fern.

Houseplants can be chosen according to the style of the furniture as well. If you have furniture made of marble, glass, wood or steel, choose plants with simple forms: monstera, guzmania, fern and azalea. If there is furniture made of rattan or bamboo, or wicker chairs and lockers in your house, then it will be fine to choose jasmine, orchid and waxy ivy. For interior decorated in French or English style plants such as camellia and cyclamen will be appropriate.

Pay special attention to long corridors, vestibules, halls and foyers. They may be decorated with compositions including from three to five kinds of houseplants. You should place them near the windows or along the walls. It is amazing when a home is full of plants, but don’t overdo because it can spoil the interior.

And another important point is choosing a flower pot. It is a thing you should not scrimp on. You can choose various types of pots. For example, low and wide ones would be very suitable for a living room; for bedrooms it will be better to choose tall pots. As for material, in children’s room there can be pots made of plastic, but if we decorate halls and living room then it is more preferable to choose ceramics or clay.

Plants are good for decorating houses, flats, offices and other places. They are not only nice but also good for health as we know. It seems that a small tree or a flower will be the best natural decoration for any kind of space. There is a great amount of shapes, colors, sizes and prices – you are free to make a decision and decorate the interior according to your taste and preferences.


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