How to Tile a Bathroom Floor

Tile a Bathroom Floor With Rattan ChairsWhen it comes to your bathroom, tile seems to be the best flooring which we can go. It will be ridiculous decision if we go with wooden flooring since wood is not a good friend for water. Natural stone like granite and the likes are also good choices when it comes to tile a bathroom. So, whether you are going to install the new tile flooring to your bathroom or just simple refacing it, let’s see how to tile a bathroom floor. Of course this is for you who want to get the project doe all by yourself.

a. If you are changing old tiles with the new ones, then you will need to remove the old ones first for sure. Make sure that you have done it well and there is no old tile left. After that you will need to prepare the floor by cleaning it from any obstacle and else.

b. Go to the shop and buy the tiles which fit your taste and personal preferences, but also make sure your choice will go along with the bathroom’s style and design as well. Consider cross checking one product over another to find the best one.

c. Start installing the tiles by pouring the cement and then put the tile on it. Make sure you place one after another tile well, evenly and straight. You can use string to make a path which will guide you in installing the tiles and preventing from installing them unevenly.

d. After you have installed all of the tiles, leave it to dry and after that you can get the grout installed. Make sure you fill all of the lines with the grout without any miss spot. And then leave it again for a while to wait until it dry. Clean the flooring after that and your new flooring is ready.

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