How to Set Ceiling Fan Rotation

Extraordinary Ceiling Fan Rotation

Most homeowners sometime don’t know in which way ceiling fan rotation should work because indeed, different rotation will give a different result. The ceiling fan rotation should be different during summer and winter. So, if you are not sure whether or not your ceiling fan has the right rotation in summer and winter, you can check how you can make the ceiling fan work effectively.

Having a ceiling fan in your home is beneficial because it provides a great air circulation in your space. However, there will be no benefits if you don’t make the ceiling fan rotation rotate properly. So, making sure that the ceiling fan rotation is correct is very important to allow the warm circulation during winter or create a breezy effect in summer. During winter, you can move the warm air that is trapped on the ceiling; turn forward the blades in a clockwise motion. This will push the air up and pull the warm trapped down to the sides to improve the heat distribution. When summer comes, create a comfortable and wind-chill atmosphere in your home by rotating the blades in a reverse counter clockwise motion. This rotation will give you the same comfortable effect as you fan yourself with a magazine to get relief from hot air.

Actually, ceiling fan is not designed to cool or heat a room, but the rotation of the ceiling fan helps improve the ceiling circulation in a room and it can effectively improve the comfort in your home. Setting the ceiling fan in the correct rotation will not only enhance the comfort in a room, but it also saves the energy cost you have to cover monthly. Now you can check the ceiling fan rotation in your home to see whether it is in the right setting or not. It is also a good idea if you consult it with the expert from the manufacturer where your fan is produced about the proper setting for the fan in summer and winter.

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