How to Paint the Ceiling

How to Paint the Glamour Ceiling


The ceiling is part of the house that makes a child’s imagination to imagine something when going to sleep. Now we must begin to avoid using traditional ceiling made of asbestos because the latest research results obtained by the fact that children who live in homes that use asbestos as either a ceiling or roof would be easy to contract lung cancer due to asbestos dust. The automotive world has to leave asbestos material with a number of reports that the mechanic had just finished replacing the brake pads are susceptible to cough and it became a serious problem.

An alternative material for gypsum ceiling material that is more friendly impact on health. How to Paint the ceiling needed to keep the dust from the ceiling did not fall. Painting the ceiling does not have to always use a white color, depending on the atmosphere that is created from the results of it. If paintings done in the nursery should use bright colors and interesting so that they feel comfortable at home in his room.

How to paint the ceiling? Obviously we need a tool that ladder to reach the ceiling. After that we cleaned the ceiling with a rag. After that start with primer using a roller to make it more effective, and wait until the primer dries. After drying painting please repeat the process 2-3 times to obtain uniform results.

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