How to Mud Drywall

How to Mud Drywall

Drywall mud or joint compound is used to embed paper drywall tape over drywall joints. So, drywall mud is important to be installing to complete the drywall. There are some types of drywall mud that can be used to embed paper drywall in your home. How to mud drywall is different depend on the type of mud drywall you are using in your home. Some types of ready-mixed mud are used for taping while some others are designed for coating.

If you are a beginner in doing this project, ready mix mud is the most appropriate for you because it is the easiest to use. To see the difference, you can check at the package of the mud. Usually the package is labeled what it is recommended for. However, if there is no information about the type of the mud, you can see the difference when it is used. If it is less shrinking, then it is for coating while the other types are used for taping. Shrinking is a good thing in the first coat because you need the mud that will not shrink. Tapes embedded over joints usually need to be hidden. Hiding the tapes will be easier if the mud shrinks. However, shrinking is a bad thing for a second coat. This is because you need joint compound that will not shrink. Mud is easier to paint and sand if it is not shrink. So, in the second coat, the joint compound should not shrink. How to mud drywall can be continued with the third coat, when the coat is polished. It can be done by watering down the coat to get a thin and consistency look. You can wipe away the mud to get smooth and polished surface.

This is how to mud drywall that you can use to make the look of your drywall better.

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