How to Make Beautiful Homemade Curtains

Red Color of Homemade Curtains

Hello ladies, how is your day? What? Have a problem about how to make homemade curtains? Well looks like we have something in common here, well lets discuss it then, talking about homemade curtains if we look at the design, I seems like this is easy to make, but in fact, without any skills and knowledge about sewing and fabric matter this homemade curtains job can’t be done, but don’t worry, here I have some tutorial about how to make better homemade curtains, or you can check the web for other review, there already many of it.

Make homemade curtains is simple if you know the technique, sewing technique is what I’m talking about, but you can learn sewing by practicing, just follow this simple test and you will feel the difference, first, you need a piece of fabric, the small one will be good, then you need a nails and the threads as well, combine the nail and the thread as the  pictures below, then make a line on the fabric, after that you can start the sew job according to the line, just follow the line, make sure the gap is arranged well, repeat that for basic lesson, you can learn the nest step by looking the sewing tutorial on the internet.

Well after you do the simple test about sewing, at least you already have guts to start sewing and make your own homemade curtains, see, there a lot of methods about how to make handmade curtains, but sewing technique is the most important thing, the way you customize the sewing technique will make the design different with the other, but you can do this simple homemade curtains tutorial for first run, just simply do the marking on the fabric, make a fold between the gaps and sew it well.

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