How to Make a Valance

How to Make a Luxury Valance

Nowadays, a valance is not only used at bedroom to repel mosquitoes. A valance can also be a part of decorating stuff. If you are a creative person, everything can also be inspiration for your room decoration. A few years ago, people think that valance is only match for bedroom, but actually if you know how to make a valance as decoration room it will look nice and interesting. Imagine if wind blow and let it flutter, looks so exotics. A valance can bring Arabic atmosphere to your room. Do you want to know how to make a valance for room decoration?

You can start from living room. Your guest will see it first before other room. Try installing a valance on the palate with each end of the cloth nailed. Netting on the ceiling of your home will produce shades of Arabic or Middle East in the living room. Select a color that matches to your living room. If your living room has a neutral color such as white or cream, you can select the valance color a bit flashy, maroon for example. But if the color theme of your living room was a little excited, for example shades of green, select netting fabric with light color gradation.

Done with your living room, next is bedroom. According to abroad research, people will easily to fall asleep when there is a valance on their bedroom. That’s why many hotels never forget this part to bring their guests the feeling of being in a resort or a cottage. So if you decorate your bedroom with a valance, hopefully you will feel like in the cottage.

Do you ever think that installing a valance at bathroom will be a good idea? In fact it is. Just remember prevent the valance to get wet. Also never installing a valance at your kitchen; it will bother you when cooking and to avoid being caught on fire.

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