How to Lay Shingles

How to Lay Great Shingles

Another roofing job here, I may have review one thing about roofing recently, drip edge and the installation on the previous post, but if you see the photo here, there some worker laying something on the floor, what is the worker do? Well that is the lay shingles process, what is shingles anyway? Well dude, you may need to read this one for detail, roofing is something above the house, yes there are so many parts of roof, shingles, drip edge, gutters, shingles is part of the roof, it commonly created from an asphalt material, yes, we know asphalt have good resistance, shingles have many variant but commonly we know shingles wit rectangle shape and black natural asphalt color.

Shingles is created from the asphalt material, as the shape is need to be combined with the other shingles so it need a proper method in order to lay the shingles to the right position, any wrong placing and laying procedures may cause leak and dysfunctions, so you better concern about this one, measure and predict the mount of shingles every meters, yes this one is very basic, as we know the mount of shingles every meter we can know how many shingles we need to cover the roof completely.

Look at the picture, workers lays the shingles one by one, yes, this one is commonly done by most people, and regular shingles can be easier to be applied, but how to lay shingles with custom design? You see some shingles designed as different shape, here some hexagonal shingles installed perfectly on the roof, the color is also different, there also oval shingles and triangle shingles, looks like any shape can be used here, but one thing for sure, roofing is important.

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