How to Install Wood Flooring

How to Install Beauty Wood Flooring

There will be many articles and post about how to install wood flooring on the internet, but some of them may not good enough to tell you the information and the tutorial, this time, I will give you the estimating and installing  wood flooring, there will be many obstacle during the job, but with better and right method, I guaranteed the job will be easy and simple, ok to install the wood floor you may need to collect the proper tools, here I have some list of the required tools, you need dust mask and safety glasses, tape measure, pencil and paper, a hammer, safety gloves, utility knife, a ply bar, under cut saw,  wood chisels, vacuum, and scraper.

Use the tape measure, pencil and paper; you will need to write the measure calculation, to know how much floor to buy you needs to know the total area of the room, measure the length and the width, as you know the results you may estimate the number of wood needed, ok  after you get the right measuring results you can buy the wood on the stores,  the next is the installation, first thing you need to do is removing the current floor, some house may have a carpet, just cut the carpet using the utility knifes and remove it,  remove all the pads staples, you can use the pliers for simple way, remove the tack strips, use your safety glove, this tack may have sharp shape, the next try to do the measure test.

You have to check the level and the flatness of the subfloor, if you find the floor is not flat, you can do the sanding job on the higher level spot, some spot may need different treatment, lay the wood floor on the subfloor, arrange it well, use the nail shooter to lock the wood floor, do it gently and safety some mechanical tools may require better operation.


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