How to Install Wood Flooring Easily and Safe

How to Install Wood Flooring Easily


It’s kind a hurry for me to try the wood flooring, yes this is my first time, and I don’t have enough experience about this job, but after try it, I done it, and it’s very exciting, and I’d like to show you my experience about how to install wood flooring, it’s not very difficult, we only need to be patience and concentration, OK the first thing to do if you want to install hardwood floor is preparing the sub-floor, you can used the plywood for the material of the sub-floor, it will be more easy for you to do the next step, after you set the sub-floor, you need the material for the wood flooring, you can get the material from the material stores, try to read about the specification and the details about the product before you buy.

You need to wait for 42 hours for the material to get the same humidity as the room, it’s very recommended, after that you can start the installation process, choose the first straight wood on the side of the room, apply the spacer to create the gap with the wall, after that you can start pre nail process, in this job you will need a drilling machine and safety goggles, mark every 6 inches along the wood, then hammer the nail in to the pre drilled holes, do it gently to prevent cracked material, used the nail set to make tight, the put the wood putty and mashed smoothly, once you done it you can apply the next wood floor, make sure the grout and the tongue were fit and placed properly, use a hammer to make it sure.

Once you done it, the next step you will going to need a better machine to do this job faster and safe, you can rent this tools on the tools rentals, this tools is called pneumatic flooring nailer, this machine will help you finish this wood flooring installation process.

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