How To Install French Doors

How To Install Best French Doors

French doors is one of alternative design to your choose, this design give new big room nuance and give big light in your room. Design of french doors is perfect option for you renovation.

Design French doors are looking unique impression. French doors are made mostly of glass and use big frame and model. They usually open outward, and close toward each other. usage design french doors is populer now, like  use for officers, restaurant moreover for class room and libraries.

How to install french doors, you must prepare several items. To install french doors you all need on hand for the installation,


  1. a power drill
  2. saws
  3. screwdrivers
  4.  hammer and mallets
  5. screw and nails
  6. a pry bar
  7. a chisel
  8. a tape measure
  9. shims

And more important for how to install french doors, a new french doors to change old doors an important part of the door  accompany kit like doorknobs, latches, etc. Be careful when you doing it, lets to use safety glasses to protect your eyes.Then about step how to install french doors

1.   please to cek size of old frame to make new frame french door. To be sure cek size parts square of frame.

2.  remove your old doors and change new french door with a power drill. If you need, you can use saws. Be careful when you use hammer and pry bar so you dont mistake unit of door like trim.

3.   Keep and paying details of frame with use a tape measure. Between size of frame french door with its position.

4.   Install the new frame and use shims to protect stand of french door. Test new door to make sure and fix, if you open and close smoothly.

5.   Then please use the screw to put the frame in its place permanently.

6.   And the final step, please to hang the doors and any hardware accompany kit.

So Installing french door need some steps that should be taken care. Hopefully with new design of french door can display different shades that you want.


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