How to Design Star Wars Nursery

Star Wars Nursery Decor

Welcoming baby born is always be the best moment in every body’s life, especially for those who welcoming their first child. They will prepare everything very well. The cloths, the bed, the baby box, and everything need for their newborn baby. Designing nursery room is the most fascinating thing to do. Of course, parents will choose the best thing for their child so they will thing about the details of the design carefully. But, people usually get confused when have to decide the design, they have not many option because nursery design is limited. The wallpaper pattern and the colors seem monotonous. Based on this problem, many room decoration experts offer a great deal of solution. They make a thematic nursery. A thematic nursery is a nursery design based on the theme the parents would bring for their welcoming child.

Cartoon theme, super hero theme or movie theme. Star wars nursery is one of the movie themes you can use to decorate your baby room. You do not have to put all the nursery things in star wars theme, the wall and the floor can be the exception. You can create a star wars look on your baby box by creating light saber and put it in the corner of the baby box. The light saber will give your baby enough lightning. Another star wars ornament you can use is the bed sheet cover. You can also use the design of your bed cover to be applied on the curtain. For the ceiling, you can hang star wars theme things like planets or death star; you can use safe material such as lego to design the planets and paper lantern to create the death stars.

Do not forget to put the action figure of star wars. Wampa rug is also good to emphasize the theme of star wars. So, what thematic nursery do you want to have?

Gallery of How to Design Star Wars Nursery

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