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Tiny kitchens seem to be a problem for people who live in a small space living area or in a limited space of apartment. They do get confused in arranging the kitchen design to be applied in their small kitchens. Of course, this is not an ideal place to cook. The minimal space stop them to give more design to their kitchen, sometimes they just left it bare design.

Here are some advices you can take to decorate your tiny cooking area. What you need the most are half- open-able drawers. These will safe your moving area while you are opening the drawers. Organize what to keep and not to keep in your cabinets. Use every part of your cabinets efficiently, you can hang measureable cups or make a mini-board list on the cabinets door. If cabinets are not enough to keep you storage, create hanging shelves on the wall. Rolling cabinets under kitchen table can also be very useful. To save the space on your cabinets, you can use food container to keep the dog’s or cat’s food. Fridge can also be used as a place to hang something in. Magnetic jars to hang the spices. Stick magnetic racks is another usage of the fridge. The ceiling is also an open space to hang the cookware. The left over space on the corner can be used to keep the cookware as well. Small rolling tray is perfect to add some storage space for you.

Another left over space in your small kitchen is the under- sink. Hanging cabinets is also perfect to put in there. Be creative, using the mini curtain rods to create an easy access to your store lids. If you do not have a cutting area, you can cover the sink with the removable cutting board. Whenever you want to cut your vegetables or fruit just put the cutting board on it. Kitchen size will not be a problem any longer as long as you can use every space on your kitchen efficiently.

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